Monday, October 27, 2014

Random Acts of Art Submission

Owen and I submitted our Random Acts of Art to the Gibsons Landing Art Gallery to be shown in the 5th annual Sunshine Coast Art Crawl.  The rules were to create a piece of art on a 8 X 10 inch straight board.  You were given a theme in the form of a saying and 24 hours to complete your project.  120 pieces were submitted and were for sale to the public during the Art Crawl.  Approximately 30% of the pieces were sold and Owen's was one of them.  Two followers have offered to purchase mine since the show and I am now mailing it away to Alaska to my sister Karen.  Thank you Dolores for your kind words about my piece and I will be painting something and sending it to you in Kazakhstan in the spring.  

What I had to say about High and Mighty:
Bio (one or two words only):  Aspiring
Experience with this project:  A reminder of art classes where you are given the subject matter and a blank canvas.  Always a challenge.  Fortunately the ideas ran rampant.  Politicians/world leaders, Victoria Falls, animals, sports, terrorists, self.... and the list went on.  I loved the process.

What Owen had to say about A Slice of Life:
Bio (one or two words only):  Retiree
Experience with this project:  No plans,  No measurements.  Just imagination and fun.  Art does set you free.

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