Friday, December 5, 2014

Zentangle on Ruxton

For Debbie

For Jennifer

Woodworkers Guild 2 X 4 Contest

Owen and I did a joint project for the Sunshine Coast Woodworkers Guild 2 X 4 contest this year (June 2014).  A book press and book.  The books covers are made from spalded yellow cedar, the signatures from Fabriano watercolour paper.  It was fun and the end projects came out beautifully.  The book press was already pre-sold and so far I haven't had a reason to part with the book. Wonder if I ever will. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Random Acts of Art Submission

Owen and I submitted our Random Acts of Art to the Gibsons Landing Art Gallery to be shown in the 5th annual Sunshine Coast Art Crawl.  The rules were to create a piece of art on a 8 X 10 inch straight board.  You were given a theme in the form of a saying and 24 hours to complete your project.  120 pieces were submitted and were for sale to the public during the Art Crawl.  Approximately 30% of the pieces were sold and Owen's was one of them.  Two followers have offered to purchase mine since the show and I am now mailing it away to Alaska to my sister Karen.  Thank you Dolores for your kind words about my piece and I will be painting something and sending it to you in Kazakhstan in the spring.  

What I had to say about High and Mighty:
Bio (one or two words only):  Aspiring
Experience with this project:  A reminder of art classes where you are given the subject matter and a blank canvas.  Always a challenge.  Fortunately the ideas ran rampant.  Politicians/world leaders, Victoria Falls, animals, sports, terrorists, self.... and the list went on.  I loved the process.

What Owen had to say about A Slice of Life:
Bio (one or two words only):  Retiree
Experience with this project:  No plans,  No measurements.  Just imagination and fun.  Art does set you free.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Presentation to the Sunshine Coast Surface Design Guild

Last month I was invited to introduce Book Arts to the Sunshine Coast Surface Design Guild.  They began their informal meeting with a 'show and tell'.  What an amazing group of artists.  We had a beautiful lunch and then it was my turn to share with them my books and journals, techniques and ideas.  It was great fun and inspiring to spend time with this lovely group of ladies.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

donation to the Ruby Slipper Fund event
Hand Painted Mono Print Covers
Coptic Bound Exposed Spine
Watercolour paper

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Coptic Bound Journal Workshop

We had a fabulous group of ladies in the studio yesterday. Thanks for participating; Barb Crombie, Connie Chapman, Sherril McIlveen, Leslie Berends, Joanne Segate, Lil' Deb DeWolff, Jeni Stafford, Gail Johnston.  Big, big thank you to my co-instructor, Karen Dorcas (my sister who is here visiting from Kenai, Alaska).