Friday, June 29, 2012

Steps to the Coptic Bound Book

One of my favorite book bindings is the coptic stitch. 
In order to show Ken how to stitch his book, I made 2 prototypes.

1) Book Boards
2) Book Covers 'paste paper & decorative papers'
3) Signatures 'tear down parent sheets to selected size and fold'
4) End sheets
A closer look with the covers adhered to the book boards and
the end sheets adhered to the covers.  The signatures are
ready for the stitching holes to be punched  The covers are
ready for the holes to be drilled with my dremel. 
Not shown:  the template used to mark where the holes go.
Signatures have been sitting in the book press and
the wax linen thread has been selected.
 Stitching has begun.  I am using a round needle.
And now to begin book 2.

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LisaS said...

Beautiful book! An interesting project I would like to try sometime.