Saturday, November 20, 2010

Needlework with Beads

I had the opporunity to take a workshop with Eileen Neill from Qualicum Beach, BC at Corolla's Quilt Shop last Thursday. What a talented fibre, mixed media and embellishment aratist. Eileen generously allowed us to take photo's of her work and I am posting them here for you to enjoy. They will be here for a couple of weeks and then I will remove them. Eileen is a fabulous instructor and throughout the day, she was able to show us (with time to practice on our own) all of the stitiches you see in her small sampler hangings. These are 4" X 4" in size and include the seed stitich, lazy stitich, back stitch, couching stitch, picot edging, doubt picot edging and lace stitch. We also learned how to do a spider web in order to attach objects that do not have holes. We did a stop stitich, branch stitch, fringe and branched fringe as well as a zigzag fringe and spriral fringe. And we did the netting that you see at the bottom of her samplers. Now to be able to go back and do them again, which hopefully won't be difficult because Eileen supplied us with great instructions. Eileen can be contacted at 250.752.8684 or by email at

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Audrey said...

Absolutely gorgeous!