Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Collage Art Journal

Monday, November 22nd & Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 10 am - 1 pm.

Create Your Own Collage Art Journal. Go through the steps of building your own journal from a 22" x 30" piece of watercolour paper, sewing the pages, then painting your pages and learning how to decorate them. $60

You will need:
. Watercolour paper, 22" X 30", 140# hot press. I will have some availabe for purchase at cost.
. Your favorite markers and pens to decorate your pages and journal with. My favorite journaling pens are Poster Paint markers by Sharpie. I buy the extra fine, fine and medium. My favorite colours are white and black. It's fun to collect a whole range of colours. You use to be able to find them at Opus or DeSerres.
. Chalks, oil pastels, crayons - I will have a supply to work with.
. An apron on Saturday incase you are messy and don't want paint on your clothes.
. A need to be creative, an open mind to explore and be prepared to have fun.
Art Journals are on-going projects that you are always adding to. This journal continues to morph!

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